#MeToo Activism

Helana is vocal about her experiences of sexual abuse within the academy because she wasn’t able to talk about it for so long. It is a massive problem that isn’t discussed nearly enough, in large part due to NDAs and fear of retaliation from powerful academics.

Helana recently completed her second book, intended for a general reading audience, called #MeTooPhD: A Trauma Memoir. She is currently searching for a literary agent and a press for this book, which highlights the intricate layers of interpersonal and institutional abuse that push victims of professor-student sexual abuse out of the academy. A summary of the main points has been published at the PhD Voice blog, in an article entitled “The Hidden Curriculum: Insights from a #MeTooPhD Survivor.”

Helana is available for podcast interviews and guest lecturing engagements about sexual abuse in the academy. Please direct all email inquiries to helana.darwin@gmail.com.

Helana has been trying for many years to organize support groups for survivors of sexual abuse within the academy. Currently no such forum exists. If you simply need a friend as you struggle through this fear and silence, reach out on Twitter or via email.

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