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Redoing Gender: How Nonbinary Gender Contributes toward Social Change

Redoing Gender demonstrates how difficult it is to be anything other than a man or a woman in a society that selectively acknowledges those two genders. Gender nonbinary people―who identify as other genders besides simply “man” or “woman”―have begun to disrupt this binary system, but the limited progress they have made has required significant everyday labor. Through interviews with 47 nonbinary people, this bookoffers rich description of these forms of labor, including “rethinking sex and gender,” “resignifying gender,” “redoing relationships,” and “resisting erasure.” The final chapter interrogates the lasting impact of this labor through follow-up interviews with participants four years later. Although nonbinary people are finally managing to achieve some recognition, it is clear that this change has not happened without a fight that continues to this day.

The diverse experiences of nonbinary people in this book will help cisgender people relate to gender minorities with more compassion, and may also appeal to those questioning their own gender. This text will also be of keen interest to academics across Sociology and Gender Studies. 

Second Book-

Dr. Darwin is in search of the right press for her second book. #MeTooPhD: A Trauma Memoir combines memoir and autoethnographic conventions to illustrate how sexual abuse operates in the academy. This book reflects on the complicated issues of consent and agency when graduate students interact with predatory professors, the whisper network, mandatory reporting, Title IX, the academic job market, and trolls on the Internet. Publishers and literary agents are encouraged to email for sample chapters.


2020. Darwin, Helana and Amara Miller. Factions Frames and Postfeminism(s) in the Body Positive Movement. Feminist Media Studies.

2020. Darwin, Helana. Challenging the Cisgender/Transgender Binary: Nonbinary People and the Transgender Label. Gender & Society.

2020. Darwin, Helana. Navigating the Religious Gender Binary. Sociology of Religion.

2018. Darwin, Helana. Redoing Gender, Redoing Religion. Gender & Society .

2018. Darwin, Helana. Omnivorous Masculinity: Gender capital and cultural legitimacy in craft beer culture. Social Currents

2017. Darwin, Helana. Doing Gender Beyond the Binary: a virtual ethnography. Symbolic Interaction

2017. Darwin, Helana. The Pariah Femininity Hierarchy: comparing white women’s body hair and fat stigmas in the United States, Gender, Place, & Culture: a journal of feminist geography

2016. Darwin, Helana. Jewish Women’s Kippot: Meanings and Motives, Contemporary Jewry

Book Chapters

Darwin, Helana. “You are What you Drink: the masculinization of cultural legitimacy in the New York craft beer scene.” In Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer (2017), edited by Nate Chapman and J. Slade Ledlock.

Book Reviews

2017. Darwin, Helana. “Hairy_History,” NORMA International Journal of Masculinity Studies: 175-176.

2016. Darwin, Helana. Book Review: Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism by Amber Jamilla Musser. Gender & Society: 703-705

2015. Darwin, Helana. “In Pursuit of Hairlessness,” Women: A Cultural Review (2015): 361-363.

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