Helana in the News

“More than one million nonbinary adults live in the U.S., a pioneering study finds.” Washington Post

“Cheers to Girly Beer: Bro-Based Beer Culture Explained.” Quench Magazine

“Meet Athletic, The Brewery Finally Making Non-Alcoholic Beer Cool,” Thrillist

“A Chance to Exhale–The Sanctity of Women’s Bottle Shares,” Good Beer Hunting

“On Instagram, Seeing Between the (Gender) Lines,” New York Times Magazine

“Even What We Order at the Bar is Gendered,” Playboy Magazine

“Redoing Gender, Redoing Religion,” Gender & Society

“On Reclaiming Body Hair,” American Sociological Association, Body and Embodiment

“Beyond Real Women and Real Men,” Huffington Post

“To Shave or Not to Shave”: If Only Women Had a Free Choice,” Huffington Post

“News, Nuggets & Longreads,” Boak & Bailey

“What we Talk about when we Talk about ‘Bitch Beer,” PUNCH

“Bros and Beer Snobs,” Sociological Images

“Should Academics Talk to Katie Couric?” Chronicle of Higher Education

“The Bro Whisperer,” The Atlantic

“30 People who Quite their Miserable Jobs Share if they Regret Doing It,” Bored Panda

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