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Here is a “roadmap” of how my website content might help you conduct research from home or teach online:

Remote Research Methods

Virtual ethnography- “Doing Gender Beyond the Binary”

Blog analysis- Body Positivity, “Omnivorous Masculinity”

Open-ended survey data- Jewish/ kippah studies

Interviews via Skype- “Navigating the Religious Gender Binary,” “Challenging the Cisgender/Transgender Binary”

Online comments as sentiment or stigma analysis- “Pariah Femininity Hierarchy”

Teaching Online

Online Course Syllabi- “Sociology of Gender,” “Sociology of Religion,” “Sociology of Health”

Need a Guest Lecturer?

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Dr. Helana Darwin is an award-winning sociologist who researches the reproduction of social inequality. Her ongoing research arc theorizes gender inequality through a wide range of subcultures, both online and offline. Helana’s work achieved over one hundred academic citations during graduate school alone.

Helana’s dissertation research (and first book manuscript) focuses on the social experiences of non-binary people (those who identify as neither man nor woman). Based on a virtual ethnography of a social media site (Symbolic Interaction) and a follow up series of in-depth interviews with 47 non-binary people from across the globe, this research illuminates the limitations and harmful effects of the gender binary system. Helana earned the Joyce Turner Dissertation Fellowship Award from Stony Brook University for this research. She has published two articles from this data thus far, including: “Navigating the Religious Gender Binary” (Sociology of Religion) and “Challenging the Cisgender/ Transgender Binary: Non-binary people and the transgender label” (Gender & Society). The former received Honorable Mention from the Sociology of Religion Section of ASA for the best paper by a graduate student. The book version of Helana’s dissertation has received several contract offers.

Helana is beginning her next substantive research arc as a Visiting Research Associate in the Religion Department at Rutgers University. This arc represents a shift in focus from gender binaries to racial and religious binaries, highlighting the complexity of Jewish racial subjectivities and constructions beyond White/Not White. This project will begin with a pilot study called “White but Jewish.”

Helana also recently completed her second book, intended for a general reading audience, called #MeTooPhD: A Trauma Memoir. She is currently searching for a literary agent and a press for this book.

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*Full text available upon request, ProQuest link forthcoming


2020. Darwin, Helana and Amara Miller. Factions Frames and Postfeminism(s) in the Body Positive Movement. Feminist Media Studies.

2020. Darwin, Helana. Challenging the Cisgender/Transgender Binary: Nonbinary People and the Transgender Label. Gender & Society.

2020. Darwin, Helana. Navigating the Religious Gender Binary. Sociology of Religion.

2018. Darwin, Helana. Redoing Gender, Redoing Religion. Gender & Society .

2018. Darwin, Helana. Omnivorous Masculinity: Gender capital and cultural legitimacy in craft beer culture. Social Currents

2017. Darwin, Helana. Doing Gender Beyond the Binary: a virtual ethnography. Symbolic Interaction

2017. Darwin, Helana. The Pariah Femininity Hierarchy: comparing white women’s body hair and fat stigmas in the United States, Gender, Place, & Culture: a journal of feminist geography

2016. Darwin, Helana. Jewish Women’s Kippot: Meanings and Motives, Contemporary Jewry

Book Chapters

Darwin, Helana. “You are What you Drink: the masculinization of cultural legitimacy in the New York craft beer scene.” In Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer (2017), edited by Nate Chapman and J. Slade Ledlock.

Book Reviews

2017. Darwin, Helana. “Hairy_History,” NORMA International Journal of Masculinity Studies: 175-176.

2016. Darwin, Helana. Book Review: Sensational Flesh: Race, Power, and Masochism by Amber Jamilla Musser. Gender & Society: 703-705

2015. Darwin, Helana. “In Pursuit of Hairlessness,” Women: A Cultural Review (2015): 361-363.


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